Viruses are the bane of the computing world. Virus such as BugBear, Nimda, and CodeRed to name but a few have caused massive havoc to millions of PC users around the world.

If your computers are struck by a virus you could experience one of the following effects:


  • It can display an irritating message
  • It can delete, modify and corrupt files critical to the running of your business
  • It can lead to significant loss of network time thus reducing company efficiency
  • It can compromise company security by indiscriminately emailing confidential documents
  • Did you know? One of the most worrying side-effects of a virus is that it can seriously damage a company's credibility in the eyes of its customers


Thankfully there are preventative measures to ensure your computers stay virus free. Through forging strong links with Symantec, one of the world leaders in Anti-virus solutions, we can aid you in protecting your computers.


If you would like to discuss these measures, which include stand-alone workstation configuration, or company wide solutions please contact us. We also offer anti-virus warnings sent to your email account which you can sign up for.

In addition we offer PC Health Checks that ensure your anti-virus software is fully up to date, and PC Security Checks which help to plug known exploitable holes within your systems.